Bulgarian Indigenous Grapes


Mavrud is a traditional Bulgarian red grape variety. It is one of the oldest and considered one of the most valuable local varieties of the highest quality. The wines from Mavrud usually have a saturated crimson ruby colour, sufficient content of tannins and acidity and pronounced density. The flavor is quite specific, juicy, with notes of blackberries, overripe mulberries, spices. These wines develop excellently in contact with oak whereby they obtain rich, complex aroma and deep, harmonious taste. The Mavrud wines have also very good aging potential. Read more



Gamza is a local red wine variety, which is widespread in northwest Bulgaria. This variety ripens late, and produces red wines with bright raspberry transparent colour and fruity aroma dominated by raspberry tones. The taste is fresh, usually with light structure. Gamza wines are usually consumed first growth. Best quality Gamza wines come from Suhindol, Vidin and Pleven. Read more




Rubin is a local variety created by crossbreeding of Syrah and Nebbiolo. These wines are deep in colour, with thick but harmonious taste and soft finish. Their aroma is intense, fruity, with ripe blackberry domination. In contact with oak the wines from Rubin develop some lovely jam nuances. They have also a very good aging potential. Read more





Melnik Melnik is a local red variety which only grows in the regions of Melnik, Petrich and Sandanski in South-western Bulgaria. The colour of this wine is medium deep. Wines from this variety are excellent, with ripe cherry and herbs aroma, and in contact with oak they develop lovely tobacco and leather nuances. The taste of young wines from Melnik is crisp, with pronounced tannins. With the maturing, the taste softens, but remains spicy at the end. Read more




Ruen is an extremely rare cross between Melnik (Broad leaved Melnik Vine) and Cabernet Sauvignon, recognized as a separate variety in 1964. Ruen, like Rubin is only cultivated in relatively small areas in the region of Struma River Valley, in south-western Bulgaria. Read more





Pamid is one of the oldest grape varieties, growing in Bulgaria. The wine has a light red colour. Its flavour is fresh, with fruity nuances, an elegant body and a soft finish.

Wines from Pamid are usually consumed young due to their low content of phenolic substances. Their taste does not develop well in contact with oak.





Dimyat is a typical Bulgarian white grape variety, which is used to make aromatic dry white wines and brandies. It develops a fruity aroma with accents of ripe peach. The taste is mild, with pleasant freshness. Read more






Tamianka is an early ripening grape that grows in dense clusters of medium size. It is also cultivated in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. For the production of a good wine, the yield must be limited because of the tendency to low acidity.

Wines from Tamianka are usually medium intense, often semi-dry, and in the most cases designed for quick consumption. The wines from Tamianka are very suitable for blends with other aromatic wines from the Muscat-like flavour profile.




Kerazuda is an indigenous Bulgarian grape variety cultivated only in south-western Bulgaria, in the valley of the Struma River. The wines are fairly simple, smooth and usually dry. They are mainly consumed domestically.






Red Misket is an old Bulgarian variety, widespread in the sub-Balkan region. This wine variety has an interesting colour with pink shades. The aroma has herbal nuances with quince and honey. Although the grape variety has the name Red Misket, mostly white wines are made from it.





Other varieties of Misket


Misket Kailashki


Misket Vrachanski


Misket Markovski