The Bulwine Way …

Doing things differently
Einstein is alleged to have said that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. In an increasingly samey wine market, Bulwine Import stands out by doing things a little differently.

Independently minded
When it comes to the wine business, it’s in our DNA to be independently minded. From producers that eschew the norms or challenge the status quo to supporting businesses that dare to be different, you know we are on your side

Crystal Clear Strategy
We know that it means a lot to you to have the reassurance that we will never step on toes or undermine your business by losing control of distribution. Our crystal clear strategy ensures that this will not happen.

Track Record
Bulwine Import combines years of exceeding customer expectations with a restless spirit for exploration and creation. With offices in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, we are a cosmopolitan organisation with the service ethos of your local wine merchant.

New Classic Producers
Wine producers come to Bulwine Import because we have proven our ability to understand and empathise the challenges of making an impact in hugely competitive markets. A representative wine selection and a multitude of inspiring wine producers from across Bulgaria provide the core of our list.

Winemaking, Our Way
Our own production projects are clear evidence of both our expertise and our desire to bring you a little closer to the vineyard.