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Terra Tangra winery was established in the early 2000s. Its vineyards are located on the South-Western slopes of the Sakar Mountain and along the Basin of Maritsa River, Thracian Valley, Bulgaria. The winery produces a wide selection of red, white and rose wines, single varieties and blends, including limited boutique series. Terra Tangra is widely recognised for its unique and prize-winning wines, and was the first Bulgarian vineyard to be certified Organic.

The combination of terroir and expertise of Terra Tangra’s team of enologists led by world-famous Xavier Meade (successor of a family with centuries-old wine-making traditions from the St. Emilion Region, Bordeaux, France) quickly grasps the attention of international connoisseurs and experts.
Terra Tangra’s wines hold an impressively large number of prizes – gold, silver and bronze medals from different expositions and prestigious competitions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, China, Japan, Canada, Belgium, UK, Russia, etc.


Terra Tangra Vineyards



Terra Tangra’s vineyards are sprawling over 400 hectares of land. The numerous sunny days during the year, the constant wind and scarce rainfall in combination with the Southern exposure conspire to produce outstanding grapes. Terra Tangra’s wines are made of selected grape varietals. Among them: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Mavrud, Melnik, Rubin and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Semillon, Tamianka.

The variety of terroirs enables Terra Tangra to make the best of the different grape varieties from its vineyards located in three micro-regions: Decomposed granite for the Merlot that won the Golden Rhyton Award (The highest prize for Bulgarian wines); Maroon forest soils with coarse structure for the Cabernet Sauvignon that the world-famous wine writer Andrew Jefford dubbed “The Best Bulgarian Varietal Wine” on the pages of Financial Times shortly after the wine was launched; Sandy soil for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks to the natural resources and best efforts of the team of agricultural scientists all Terra Tangra vines are grown in an environmentally-friendly manner and each step – from the soil to the bottle, is lined up with the requirements for wine production while maintaining bio-diversity (e.g. only wooden stakes are used in the vineyards and any harmful chemicals are strictly avoided). The European certificate for organic production and the gold medals from the International Exposition of Organic Products Mundus Vini BioFach in Nürnberg, Germany ascertained Terra Tangra as the first Bulgarian organic wine producer.


Terra Tangra Terroir



Terra Tangra’s wines are with appellation Protected Geographical Indication Thracian Valley (Thracian Lowlands), sub region Sakar Mountain Vineyards. A number of archaeological findings in the region prove that this mountain was the cradle of wine production around 3000 years ago and this is where the God’s elixir was produced. The key advantages of Terra Tangra draw on the region’s natural abundance – a favourable mix of climate conditions, diverse soil types and geographic location. Thanks to the mild winter and hot summer, the constant gentle winds coming from the Black Sea, the southern exposure of the vineyards, and the soil rich in minerals Terra Tangra is capable of producing both strong and elegant fruity wines that fascinate with their specific aromas and taste qualities.


Terra Tangra Winemaking



The vineyards are carefully monitored in order to determine precisely the start of harvest. The grapes are picked by hand, placed and assorted in crates. Only the best grapes are used. After de-stemming, each lot is vinified separately using traditional techniques, controlled temperature and duration of the fermentation. The intensity and intervals of cooling are defined for each vessel individually. At Terra Tangra blending helps ensure  quality and identity in order to produce the best wine from each harvest. The final blend is a combination of the best qualities of its components. Some seemingly indefinable elements from different lots reveal their remarkable characteristics only after meticulous blending in specific proportions. Fermentation takes place in the classic manner – with attention to every detail and carefully preserving and extracting the natural phenols from the grapes. The wines mature in Barrique type French oak barrels – every wine for a preliminary designed period, while sediments are removed periodically. Bottling is done in the wine cellar, which ensures thorough supervision of the overall production cycle.



Terra Tangra winery continues its pursuit of excellence by offering its customers not only the well-known flavours but also new enhanced experiences.
The company’s wine production is in line with the latest trends and taste preferences in Europe.

In times when the concept of urbanism is wearing out, people are increasingly looking for natural, healthy food. In line with this ongoing trend Terra Tangra vineyards are strictly grown and maintained organically.

Being an innovative winery, Terra Tangra invests in new technologies. It uses crystal bottle caps (glass-on-glass closure) for the white, rose and many certain red wines. These caps have zero influence on the wine’s aroma and flavor and ensure 100% safe storage while solving naturally all problems associated with cork.



Terra Tangra values highly the trust of its customers, earned through quality consistency, expert combination of traditions and innovations, attention to details and careful blending in order to ensure a richer and more beautiful wines. The company is constantly seeking to optimise its production processes in the pursuit of the perfect balance between quality and distinctive products.