Dimyat is the Bulgaria’s most planted native white vine. It is almost exclusively grown in Bulgaria, mainly in the Black Sea Region, but also in the regions of Shumen, Stara Zagora and Euxinograd. The Dimyat grape variety ripens in the second half of September and it is the water factor that helps the variety achieve its full maturity. Dimiat thrives particularly well on steep terrains with limestone soils.

The Dimyat vine is characterized by the large size of the individual grape berries with high yields potential if not balances in order to make the best out of the vineyards. During veraison, the berries turn copper yellow and the grapes are suitable also for fresh consumption. In addition to being used in the production of white wines, Dimyat is often distilled to produce Bulgarian brandy (rakia) and high quality cognac distillate.


Wines from Dimyat are usually vaguely perfumed, easy-drinking whites. The aromatic profile of these wines often reminds of sweet apricot and quince with discrete vanilla nuances. Dimyat wines are usually not aged and to be consumed young. In some cases the grape develops interestingly in contact with oak, which could emphasize the vanilla nuances found in this grape variety.

A curious legend claims that Dimyat was originally cultivated in the Nile Delta of Egypt and was brought to Bulgaria by Crusaders. For all we know though, its characteristics are typically Balkan.