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In the wine business just knowing the numbers is never enough.
It’s about discovering opportunities behind numbers, understanding trends, creating new ones.
It’s about taking challenges and planning for a stronger future.


Over the years Bulwine Trading has become a leading independent Bulgarian Wine marketeer and distributor in Europe.

We serve as a product expert and brand-building liaison between producers and those who import, sell or serve wine. Product expertise, executional excellence and outstanding service are the hallmarks of our enduring success.

We tailor our approach for each local market and every one of our customers. Because we know that when we come together, there’s always something to celebrate.

Bulwine Trading serves Europe and beyond from offices in Bulgaria and The Netherlands. We have subsidiaries and operate locally in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Depending on your location, please contact your nearest representative.




Each day we seek to operate with integrity, transparency and a dedicated work ethic in support of all our customers and suppliers. Our mission is to exceed all expectations of our trading partners with outstanding sales, superior service and results, through innovative strategies, unmatched relationships, cutting-edge technology and most talented and well-trained teams.


Being the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers through empowering the best industry’s practices in order to facilitate the connection between each other; Building branded products and profitability for all parties involved; Serving the needs of our associates, suppliers, customers and the community. If it’s fun, we’re doing it right!


There’s More Than One Way To Serve. While we’re proud of how much we’ve grown our business over the years, we’re not truly fulfilled until we see local and regional communities benefiting from our presence. That’s why we strive to give back wherever we can have an impact. After all, it’s not just about serving wines… It’s about serving people.

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The Bulgarian Wine Festival Trifon Zarezan

The Bulgarian Wine Festival Trifon Zarezan

On February 14, along with the day of love, the Bulgarian winemakers celebrate another party as well. February 14 is the day of St. Trifon – The Patron Saint of winemakers, café owners and all wine lovers in Bulgaria. According to the tradition, on this particular day men start festively with the pruning of the vines while enjoying all the goodies that mother or woman prepared for them in the early morning.

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Bulgaria in the Top 10 Medal Winning Wine Countries at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017

Bulgaria in the Top 10 Medal Winning Wine Countries at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017

  Another great success for Bulgaria at the 24th edition of the Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles 2017. For a second year Bulgaria is the leading Eastern European country and competes suuccesfully with all big wine countries. The Bulgarian wines achieve the highest success rate. Bulgarian producers send 146 wines. 58 out of them are awarded a medal, which comes down to a 40% succes rate, […]

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Thracian Lowlands, Bulgaria | Best Wine Destinations 2017

Thracian Lowlands, Bulgaria | Best Wine Destinations 2017

Wine Enthusiast magazine has named Bulgaria’s Thracian Lowlands area (around Plovdiv) one of the 10 best wine travel destinations of 2017.

Archaeological wonders combined with modern wines in a travel fantasyland.


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The New Wines of The Old World

Located in the Balkans, near the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Turkey, and on the Black Sea at the same time, Bulgaria meets all the criteria common for the renowned terroirs. Bulgaria lies on the same latitude as the most famous wine regions of the Old World in France, Italy and Spain. The unique geographical location, the combination of two climates, the warm winds from the Aegean and the Black Sea, the variety of microclimates, the fertility of the Bulgarian soil, etc. – all this makes the Bulgarian terroir unique.